Turnkey Projects


  1. Master Plot Plan.
  2. Drawings for statutory approvals
  3. External Services layouts and details
  4. Detailed plans, sections and elevations for Buildings and Structures
  5. Finishing & Door –Window Schedule
  6. Modular Partitions and Panel Layouts and details
  7. Drainage and Plumbing Layouts and Details.

Plant Equipment's

  1. Vibro Sifter
  2. Dry Granulator
  3. Rapid Mixer Granulator
  4. Multimill Comminuting Machine
  5. Fluid Bed Drier
  6. Bin Blender
  7. Octagonal Blender
  8. Tablet Compression Machine
  9. Tippler
  10. Tablet Dedusting Machines
  11. Tablet Inspection Machine
  12. Autocoater
  13. Punch Polishing
  14. Blister Packing Machine
  15. AluAlu Blister Packing Machine
  16. Strip packing machine
  17. Punch Polishing
  18. Tablet Packing Conveyor
  19. Strip packing machine
  20. Deblisterng Machine
  21. Overprinting machine
  22. BOPP taping machine
  23. Automatic capsule filling sealing line
  24. Dry Syrups Air Wash, filling sealing and packing Complete Line
  25. Liquid Orals manufacturing plant
  26. Linear Bottle washing, Volumetric filling, sealing and Inspection machine
  27. CIP system
  28. Ointment/CreamManufacturing Plan
  29. Lobe type Transfer Pumps
  30. Ointment filling sealing machine
  31. Lotion filling sealing line
  32. Ointment cartonating machine
  33. Shrink Wrapping machines
  34. Shipper Taping Machine
  35. Blow filling & sealing machine
  36. PP granule transfer system
  37. Decartoning unit for vials
  38. Turn table for washing machine
  39. Automatic vial filling sealing machine
  40. On line sterliser (Tunnel)
  41. Bung processor
  42. Autoclave
  43. Semi Automatic vial Inspection machine
  44. Automatic vial Inspection machine
  45. Vial Labeling Machine
  46. Auto catronator machine
  47. Laminar flow unit
  48. Eye Drop Filling Sealing line
  49. Ampoule Labeling Machine
  50. Eye Drop Labeling Machine
  51. Ampoule filling sealing machine
  52. Sampling Booth
  53. Laminar Flow Dispensing Booth
  54. Racking system
  55. MS powder coated pallets
  56. SS pallets
  57. Pesto flash fittings
  58. Air curtains

Modular Clean Rooms

  1. Non Progressive Clean Room Partitions systems.
  2. Progressive Clean Room Partitions systems.
  3. Clean Room Walk able Ceiling Panels
  4. Clean Room Non-Walkable Ceiling Panels
  5. Modular Clean room Flush Doors
  6. Modular Clean Room Glass Walls
  7. Return Air Riser
  8. Clean room View Panels
  9. Clean room Windows
  10. Covings
  11. 2D & 3D pieces in coving
  12. Static Pass boxes
  13. Dynamic Pass Boxes
  14. Air Showers.
  15. Mist Showers.


  1. Double Skin Air Handling Units
  2. Single Skin Air Handling Units
  3. Fresh air treatment air Handling Units
  4. Ceiling Suspending air Handling Units
  5. Dehumidifier
  6. Ventilation Air Handling Unit
  7. Split Air Condition
  8. VRV
  9. Duct able Air Condition
  10. Cassette Air Condition
  11. Evaporative cooling Unit.
  12. Air Duct
  13. HVAC  BMS
  14. Pre Insulated Ducting Systems.
  15. HVAC Electrical Panel



  1. Clean Room Lighting Fixtures.
  2. Non Clean Room Lighting Fixtures
  3. Solar Panel Based Lighting Fixtures
  4. LED Lighting Fixtures
  5. Modular & Industrial Switch Sockets
  7. Data & Voice System
  8. HT &LT Cables & Cable Tray
  9. HT &LT Electricals Panels.
  10. Earthing.
  11. UPS System
  12. Diesel Generator Set
  13. Transformer
  14. Servo Voltage Stabilizer
  15. Compact Sub Station
  16. Door Interlocking Systems.
  17. Fire Alarm System.
  18. CCTV System
  19. PA System
  20. Fire Safety System.
  21. BMS ( Building Management Systems)

Mechanical and Utilities& Accessories

  1. P & ID
  2. Water Treatment system
  3. Compressed Air system
  4. Refrigerant Air Dryer
  5. Desiccant air dryer
  6. Air receiver
  7. Chilled Water
  8. Brine system
  9. Nitrogen generator
  10. Steam Boiler
  11. Cooling Tower.
  12. Pumps
  13. Chimney
  14. Water Tanks
  15. Oil Tanks
  16. Hot water generator
  17. Heat Pump
  18. Vaccum Pump
  19. Dust Collector
  20. Scrubber
  21. Fire Hydrant System.
  22. Pretreatment plant
  23. Multigrade filter
  24. Water softner
  25. R.O. water plant
  26. Purified water Plant
  27. Multicolumn Distillation plant
  28. Water for Injection
  29. Pure steam Generator
  30. Effluent treatment plant


  1. Steam IBR
  2. Non IBR Steam and Condensate Recovery
  3. Pure Steam
  4. Soft Water
  5. Chilled Water
  6. Cooling Water
  7. Raw Water
  8. Compressed Air
  9. Vacuum
  10. LPG, Nitrogen, Hydrogen
  11. Effluent Treatment Piping
  12. Fire Protection and Alarm Systems
  13. Sprinkler Systems
  14. Purified water Distribution systems and Piping.
  15. Water for Injection Distribution systems and Piping.
  16. Above ground and underground piping with necessary valves and strainers
  17. Main electric and jockey pump along with diesel driven pump with control panel for respective pumps
  18. Fire hydrant accessories like water monitor, hydrant valves, hose boxes, hose pipes, air cushion vessel, instrumentation, cables etc
  19. Hot and Cold Insulation.

Clean Room Equipment's and Accessories

  1. SS Cross Over Bench
  2. SS Shoe Rack
  3. Garment Cabinet
  4. Filling Vessel
  5. IPC Bin
  6. Change Part Cabinet
  7. Drain Trap
  8. Gmp DrainTrap with double water seal.
  9. SS Locker
  10. Working Table
  11. SS Appron Cabinet
  12. SS Dies & Punches Cabinet
  13. SS Close Type Scoops, Spatula
  14. SS Open Type Scoops, Measuring Jar, Spatula
  15. SS Hand Wash
  16. SS Sink with Cabinet
  17. SS Sterile Appron Cabinet with
    Hepa Filter
  18. SS Fix / Revolving Chair
  19. SS vial & Ampoule Boxes
  20. SS Tools Box
  21. SS First Aid Box / Key Box
  22. SS Carton Trolley
  23. SS In-Process Container
  24. Laboratory furniture.
  25. Laboratory Accessories
  26. Laboratory Chemical storage systems
  27. Stability testing room accessories.
  28. HPLC Tables.
  29. GC Exhaust systems.
  30. Laboratory wash accessories.

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Stainless Steel Hand Pallet Truck
Packing Conveyer
Pressure Vessel
Ipc Bin
Ipc Bins
Ipc Bunker
Dynamic Pass Box
Filling Vessel
Garment Cabinet
Two Layer Trolley
Working Table
Step Ladder
Storage Tank
Three Layer Trolley
Tool Box
Sop Stand
Staff Locker
Sink Table
Sink Unit
Revolving Chair
Revolving Chair
Sink Unit
Personal Locker
Petri Plate Stand
Perforated Table
Packing Chair
Moping Trolleys
Oil Can
Moping Trolley
Dust Bin
Gmp Trap
Die Punch Storage Cabinet
Drain Trap
Dust Bin
Di Punch Trolley
Cross Over Bench
Change Part Cabinet
Closed Scoop
Computer Table
Appron Locker
Cabinet Trolley